Product Information

Pro-Tech 400 series are made from 45 m/m dia 6262 specification aluminium with adjustable spring seat platform
for 1.9" I.D. or 2 ¼" I.D. springs and has a single adjustable knob which adjusts both bump and rebound valving

Pro-Tech 400 series have design features total different from any other manufacturer.


  1. The lower base and eye is designed to hold the threaded body on the outside giving more internal clearance
    and movement as well as extra strength

  2. New internal sealing system is designed to eliminate high pressure bleeding so all movement of oil in bump and
    rebound is consistently controlled through the piston and base valve.

  3. Extra machining the lower eye mounts into the solid part of the base gives vital clearance and weight
    advantage as mounting bracket fouling is eliminated.

  4. The top and bottom eyes cnc machined with a spherical surface for looks and strength.

  5. The control knob has only 13 click settings with a total movement of 300 degrees (less than one turn).

  6. Pro-tech has eliminated the coil spring in the control, which most manufacturers still use; coil springs in constant
    use do not maintain height and will take a set and create inconsistent damping.

  7. Pro-tech high performance disc spring system, infinitely variable spring characteristics can be achieved by the
    arrangement of disc springs into stacked column and by adjusting the control knob to change the force/deflection
    maintaining constant damping.

  8. After assembly the unit is tested with the very latest computer controlled damping dynamometer to establish
    damper conditions and calibrations. All units are set with an adjustment range to suit 95% of most applications.
    However in the event of needing a lower range of damping or a higher range of damping this can be achieved
    as follows on or off the car
    1. Turn control knob to off position (Anti-Clockwise) then turn six clicks clockwise
    2. Holding knob firmly against shock absorber unscrew 4 m/m grub screw in the side of knob by one half turn
    3. Still holding knob firmly against body turn control screw in centre of knob with screwdriver half a turn
      clockwise to increase damping range or half a turn anti-clockwise to decrease damping range
    4. Lock-up 4 m/m grub screw
    5. Holding the knob firmly against body at all times this prevents the spring and ball bearing coming out of
      it's location - if this happens you will lose your "Click" action which means removal of knob to correct